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It is really obvious and you won't miss it , there is a curve in the centre of the bearing. All the benefits of the "regular" patented KonKave bearing, with even more advantages. Get longer sleep times, smoother play and a longer life! Ceramic KonKave Bearing notes: The Ceramic KonKave does not offer any response and a Bind will be needed to make the yoyo return.

Konkave bearing

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This bearing will fit any  YoYofficer 10-Ball Grooved Concave (KonKave) Bearing Size C. These include the read more. KonKave Bearing Size A DYP10. Price:$14.50 to $30.00. Standard (  Ceramic KonKave, large bearing size. ABEC-7 rated for precision. Ceramic balls with stainless steel rings.

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Throw in the included konkave bearing and you'll be throwing one of the best - Flip the bearing spacer and swap included bearings to change the response  Trick of the day #12 Yo-Yo: Oxygene - Obsidian Bearing: Dif-e-Yo KonKave Bearing Response: IrPad String: @kittystringyoyo poly100% normal yellow  Concave Bearing, Standard Counterweight Included: Toys & Games,Duncan Toys Freehand Nextgen Yo-Yo [Red & Blue], Unresponsive Pro Level Yo-Yo. SET mit Putty Multitool breites Konkave Kugellager Yoyo DV 888 v Plastic Bearing Shield for various MegaExo Bottom Brackets FSA MS183  HALO SPIN DOCTOR FRONT WHEEL HUB BEARING KIT CHROME Der konkave Schnitt ermöglicht gleichmäßiges Spannen und ist ein  (4) Sæt styrepladen på og pas den konkave side ind (4) Pass inn glideplaten ved å stille den konkave delen på linje BALL BEARING 6203DDCMPS2L. 1. 68.

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KonKave bearings keep the yo-yo's string centered at all times during play reducing friction against the yo-yo's body. Available in two sizes Size A and Size C (small & large) and made from stainless … The KonKave feature is not overly exaggerated (it does not have edges), but I prefer this design over any other I have used. I have owned several of these exact bearings. They are noisy if used dry (without oil).

The smooth and self-centering KonKave Bearing manufactured by Dif-e-Yo. The concave outer circumference helps keep your string away from yoyo inner sidewalls to decrease friction.
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US Patent #7175500 The KonKave bearing by Dif-e-yo features a grooved centre so that it keeps the string centred and away from the sides. Provides incredibly smooth play and is often regarded as one of the best bearings on the market to date. This bearing is Size C. 6. Item.
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Sort By. Set Descending Direction. 8 Item(s) Show. Duncan Ball Bearing Yo-Yo Parts Kit. $3 The KonKave bearing by Dif-e-yo features a grooved centre so that it keeps the string centred and away from the sides.